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Clean & Science Co., Ltd.

Clean & Science Co., Ltd.


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Clean & Science, which has been growing since its establishment in 1973, now employs 200 people and produces everything from advanced materials to finished filters through the continuous development of new technologies.

Clean & Science’s main businesses are filtration products, filter paper, meltblown electrostatic nonwovens, and carbon media products. Clean & Science envisions technological advancement, environmentally responsible strategies, and future creation in accordance with its core values of enthusiasm and trust. Clean & Science started off as a producer of filter paper for automobiles back in the 1970's. Over the following decades, Clean & Science expanded its production to more types of media and then to the finished filters you see today.

Motivating employees involves clear communication, providing purpose, and recognizing achievements. It is important to create a positive work environment and to lead by example. Running a filter company involves challenges such as maintaining consistent quality and certifications, staying ahead in research and development, navigating complex regulatory requirements, addressing environmental sustainability concerns, and providing excellent customer service. Success in this industry requires strategic planning, innovation, and a keen awareness of market dynamics. All aspects in which Clean & Science continues to excel at.

"Our NAFA membership has provided us with numerous networking opportunities. Meeting potential new customers as well as existing ones has been the best benefit of the membership as well as giving us a better understanding the American market and how we can make an impact."

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